Crap Shoot


The  range at Ponderosa Pines will be open and ready for the SASS shooting  season beginning the weekend of March 17-18, 2018.  Of course it is  Kentucky, and the weather might be a “Crap Shoot”, could be 75 degrees  and sunny, could be cold enough to freeze your “brass” off, but rain, or  shine we will be shooting.  
The  range will open Friday March 16, for anyone who wants to come early and  get in some practice.  Our regular monthly match will be held on Saturday, and everyone is welcome. There will be a free fish fry on Saturday evening following the match, and we will be shooting again on  Sunday for anyone who wants to get in another day.  
Shooters can register in advance by calling Copperhead Joe, or just show up and register on at the range.

Range Will Open Friday March 16


$15.00 Saturday   March 17
$15.00 Sunday     March 18  


Fees include Fish Fry on Saturday night. 

Lunch will be available   

For info contact: 

Copperhead Joe
(606) 599-5263